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Law Offices of Tim McDonough
Law Offices of Tim McDonough
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Semi Truck Accident and Injury Attorney


If you were hit by a semi truck the results can be devastating; therefore, as your Attorney I promise to get you the settlement you deserve! Give me a call so we can discuss your case (626) 974-8883.

Being involved in an accident with a semi tractor trailer truck can have disastrous results. Truck Drivers can be negligent to cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles. Semi trailer trucks / 18 wheelers are known for side-swiping when changing lanes with out properly checking blind spots. This is most common on our Southern California on-ramps. There can be many factors to a Truck Driver’s wrongdoing. Some Truckers are overworked by their company, while others are negligent and fail to abide by simple DMV Rules, Weight Restrictions, and Regulations. Timothy McDonough has the experience and knowledge to help car accident victims caused by a semi trailer truck, 18-Wheeler, special cargo vehicle, or any other company owned service or fleet vehicle.

Serious Injury
Broken Bones
Permanent Scarring
Permanent Injury
Chronic Pain

Head or Brain Injury
Major Vital Organ Injury
Fatality or Death


Injury Victims of a 18-wheeler semi-trailer truck are urged to contact this attorney or any other trailer truck accident lawyer immediately. Quick communication can help semi trailer truck auto accident injury victims with a suitable settlement for medical bills, suffering, and damages. Some of the many injuries that can justify an applicable compensation give us a call (626) 974-8883

Do you need legal help or consultancy for a semi truck hitting your vehicle and you? Contact us now.

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