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Car Accident Attorney of West Covina. Specializing in compensation for injury and damages for a motorcycle accident, dog bite, pedestrian hit by car, accident involving semi-truck or tractor trailers
Law Offices of Tim McDonough
Law Offices of Tim McDonough1 day ago
Dog bites occur 1 in 69 people! If you or a loved one has been been viciously bitten by a dangerous dog breed, call us here at the Law Offices of Tim McDonough.

As a former Law Enforcement Officer, Tim knows exactly what it takes for you to get those medical bills covered as well as compensated for emotional damages! Contact us as soon as possible as immediate action is CRUCIAL for your case!

Contact us at: 626.974.8883 or through our site at
Law Offices of Tim McDonough
Law Offices of Tim McDonough2 days ago
Law Offices of Tim McDonough is a Motorcycle Accident Attorney, If you were injured in a motorcycle give our Law Office a Call (626) 974-8883. #MotorcycleAccident
Law Offices of Tim McDonough
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Twin Towers-Ground Zero 9/11 Memorial
We will never forget those who gave their lives this day 17 years ago. #AlwaysRemember #NeverForget #WTC #TwinTowers
Law Offices of Tim McDonough
Law Offices of Tim McDonough1 week ago
Here are the top 7 causes of Car Accidents so far in 2018. Stay safe on the road!

Contact our office at: https://accidentattorneytim.com/
Your case and well-being is of utmost important to us here at the Law Office of Tim McDonough!
Law Offices of Tim McDonough
Law Offices of Tim McDonough4 weeks ago
Semi trailer trucks are known for side-swiping when changing lanes without properly checking blind spots.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a traffic accident wherein your vehicle was struck by a semi, or other commercial truck or vehicle, the results can be devastating; therefore as your attorney, I will strive to get you an appropriate settlement !

Contact us Today ! (626) 974-8883
Law Offices of Tim McDonough
Law Offices of Tim McDonough1 month ago
Here's your chance to register your vehicle for Covina Thunderfest & Music Festival before the deadline! #Covina #Auto #Car #Show



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Motorcycle Accident and Injury Attorney

We have the experience needed to win your motorcycle case.

A motorcycle accident can be devastating; therefore, as your Attorney I promise to get you the settlement you deserve! Give me a call so we can discuss your case (626) 974-8883.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney since 1989, Timothy A. McDonough Has The Experience To Win! Specializing in compensation for accident victims resulting in serious or permanent injury on their motorcycle (cruiser, custom, dual-purpose, dirtbike, standard, sport, touring, etc…), scooter, or moped. Tim goes above-and-beyond to fight for motorcycle crash victims. For this reason, Tim fights for any damages caused as the result of other motorist’s negligence. Some of the most common accidents involve a head on collision or cars making left hand turns. These are also the most traumatic of injuries. Apart from damages to your motorcycle compensation for suffrage and medical bills may be awarded for cases involving:

  • Serious Injury
  • Broken Bones
  • Permanent Scarring
  • Permanent Injury
  • Chronic Pain
  • Paralysis
  • Head or Brain Injury
  • Major Vital Organ Injury
  • Fatality or Death


Immediate action is crucial for gathering sufficient evidence and compensation for current medical bills. The neglectful driver should be held liable for not abiding to common driving laws or the environment around them. A motorist’s failure to follow the rules, results in their burden to pay for any damages caused. Motorcycle accidents are among the most dangerous feasible road collisions. Don’t be held liable for other people’s irrational actions. Contact a motorcycle accident attorney today! mcdonoughlaw@aol.com

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