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Car Accident Attorney of West Covina. Specializing in compensation for injury and damages for a motorcycle accident, dog bite, pedestrian hit by car, accident involving semi-truck or tractor trailers
Law Offices of Tim McDonough
Law Offices of Tim McDonough3 days ago
Tim has handling cases involving Dog Bites incidents since 1989. He knows how to compensate individuals and families who are victims of a vicious dog attacks and bites, usually due to the irresponsibility of the owners of the dangerous dogs. These cases involve special considerations for the nature of the trauma as well as residual scarring and diability With 29 years plus experience as a personal injury attorney, as well as 5 years as a personal injury law clerk, investigator and paralegal, Tim has the knowledge and effectiveness for dog bite injury victims and continues to effectively purse and resolve the claims of his clients.

Check out our site at: https://accidentattorneytim.com/dog-bite-attorney-lawyer/

Contact us at: 626.974.8883
Law Offices of Tim McDonough
Law Offices of Tim McDonough3 weeks ago
The Government Highway Safety Association (GHSA) reported a total of 2,636 pedestrian fatalaties during the first six months of 2017.

Crosswalk Injury Victims hit by a car, bus, or service vehicle are urged to contact us immediately. With quick communication, we can help crosswalk pedestrian accident injury victims with a suitable settlement for medical bills, suffering, and damages.

There is no reason for any car to hit a person, especially when the pedestrian has the right-of- way.

Find us at: accidentattorneytim.com/pedestrian-hit-struck-by-vehicle/
Law Offices of Tim McDonough
Law Offices of Tim McDonough3 weeks ago
Motorcycle accidents can be devastating. Some of the most common accidents involve a head on collision or cars making left hand turns. As a motorcycle accident attorney since 1989, we have the experience necessary to win your case! We promise to get you the settlement you deserve!
Law Offices of Tim McDonough
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Stop by our Covina Accident Attorney Office and pick up a pair of Free Cool Sunglasses for the Summer and an Irish Green Pen (only while supply lasts - photo courtesy of Glenn Purbaugh)
Law Offices of Tim McDonough
Law Offices of Tim McDonough1 month ago
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Law Offices of Tim McDonough
Law Offices of Tim McDonough1 month ago
With over 30 years of experience as an auto accident lawyer, we know exactly what it takes to win your auto accident case.

Whether you're at the hospital or at home, we will come to you!

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Very helpful and nice people I would recommend to anyone..... Great attorney ..was referred from a good friend and I'm thankful

Wendy C. | Yelp

Tim is diligent, knowledgeable, and a strong advocate for his clients.

Christian A. | Google

Mr. McDonough was very helpful in resolving my hit and run case. He was very knowledgeable about the law and very easy to talk to and understand. He full explained everything to me. I would highly recommend him and his staff to anyone.

Shauna | Avvo

Great injury Attorney. I refer him to my family & friends. Everyone I've referred to Tim had been very pleased with their outcome.

Karen M | Yelp

Tim helped me a great deal when I needed it most. I would recommend him above all others in the area. He's now a great friend as well.

Zac B | Google

Mr . McDonough took the time to review my case, answered my questions and kept me informed throughout the entire process. Extremely talented attorney who cares about his clients and his firm.

Cindy | Avvo

He got me the maximum on my case. Mr. McDonough is a PIT BULL when it comes to negotiation.Thanks for all your hard work.

Glenn K. | Yelp

Extremely talented attorney who cares about his clients and his firm. Truly appreciated his efforts keeping in mind the welfare of my son and I.

Cindy D. | Google

All of my bills were paid and I received money for out of pocket expenses and I received money for my injuries, pain and inconvenience. By the time that it was over, I also received more for my car than I paid for it because it was worth more than I paid two years earlier.

Anonymous | Avvo

What can I say as soon as I got into an accident I called this firm- they literally took care of everything _ and if I was needed all I had to do was sign - hands down

Mark S. | Yelp

One of the best auto accident attorneys in the area. Tim has a thorough understanding of the law. I found the staff to be professional and courteous.

Eric M. | Google

I chose Tim because he is local and because he had many years of experience and expertise at personal injury cases and because dog bites are often the most difficult cases to pursue and settle. I am glad he did as he settled my case more than satisfactorily.

Mike | Avvo

He was on top of everything from start to finish and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Please do yourself a favor and contact him if you're ever in need of an attorney.

Alicia A. | Yelp

Wonderful Attorney. With a lot of valuable experience. My family & I have been going to him for many, many years. I wouldn't go anywhere else I highly recommend him. He is the best in the area.

Lorie N. | Google

All my medical bills were paid for and I got a nice settlement for myself after everything. All around great attorney!

John | Avvo


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Personal injury attorney Tim takes tough stand against negligence. We have the legal expertise to get you compensated.

Car Accident

damages and injuries

Car accident attorney with over 30 years experience as an auto accident lawyer. We know what it takes to win your auto accident case.

Motorcycle Accident

hit by vehicle

Motorcycle accident lawyer that will go above an beyond for you and your bike. A motorcycle accident can have devastating results get compensated.

Semi-Truck Accident

hit by 18-wheeler

If you were side swiped or rear ended by a semi truck give us a call. Accident victims injured by a negligent truck drivers get compensated.

Pedestrian Crosswalk

person hit by car

Pedestrian hit by vehicle attorney for injury, bodily harm, or medical bills. Pedestrian, skateboard, bicycle if you were hit by a vehicle call us now!

Dog Bite

bites that break skin

Dog Bite Attorney involving vicious animal attack bite or scratch. For an experienced dog bite attorney get compensation now.

Insurance Claims

deal with insurance companies

Insurance companies can be difficult to work with even when you have the coverage. Allow us to get you the settlement you deserve.


Other Accidentals

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We can help with any accident injury victims. Including but not limited to slip-and-fall, bicycle accidents, and many more accident injury cases.

Our lawyer will represent you in civil litigation and personal injury case.

Car Accident Attorney

For over 30 years Accident Attorney Tim McDonough has been representing car accident victims. From start-to-finish Tim McDonough will work diligently to win your auto accident case. Car accident injuries include neck injury, back injury, spinal injury, broken bones, loss of limb, brain damage, head injury, chronic pain, and more. Compensation includes damage(s) to your vehicle, property, medical bills to injury from car accident, pain and suffering. Car accidents come in many forms, allow our law office the opportunity to help with your case.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

When a truck or car hits a motorcycle it can have disastrous results. Most times the other driver is at fault due to negligence behind the wheel. Motorcycle accident attorney Tim has worked with many motorcyclists to get the most for your case.This includes compensation for damages to your motorcycle, injuries sustained as a result of you being hit by a vehicle on your motorcycle. Our law office has the experience and resources, contact us and speak to an attorney now!

Dog Bite Attorney

A Dog bite or attack is nothing to take lightly. Not only the does the physical pain hurt, but the financial burden of medical care can hurt as well. Injuries include stitches, breaking of the skin, infection (rabies/tetanus), penetration of muscle, bruising, scarring, and more. Our law office is available at all hours to assist you with your dog bite case. Negligent dog owners should be liable to pay for your misfortune, call our dog bite attorney see if you have a case.

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